IT-Senior Software Systems Engineer

Company Name:
Satnam Data Systems , Inc.
Design and development for the service layer and DB for the payment cloud application. Work across IT teams and with business users understand the business needs and translate it to implementation.
Required Skills/Experience:
5-7 years of experience working in Oracle and DB2 Databases
Strong background in database programming using SQL/PLSQL i.e. stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages is required.
Good understanding of database concepts i.e. normalizations/de-normalizations, schemas, table spaces, temporary tables, views, indexes, sequences, partitioning etc is required
SQL Tuning techniques to prevent performance degradation and understanding on how to use Explain Plan/Query Analyzer/Optimization Tool is required
Working experience in database security, primarily on Encryption and decryption concepts is plus
Understand data integration with ODI (Oracle data integrator). Hands on experience is a plus.
Understanding of Linux Platform is required.
Understanding on programming languages i.e. .NET 4.0 will be a major plus
hands on in web services development.
Previous experience working in an telecommunications or enterprise/customer facing web application environment is plus.
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